La vie héroïcomique

Bonjour tout le monde. A little bit about me then: Born in Cornwall, I left for the bright lights and the big city when someone twisted my arm enough. Having lived in London for 15 years and having got bored of London, I have decided to hop across the water and live in La Ville Lumière. It’s not as depressing there and there’s usually a summer. Other factors to consider: I love Paris and my girlfriend lives there. I love her too. Anything else? Oh yeah, a socialist government.

At our unfurnished Paris flat

At our unfurnished Paris flat

I don’t speak French fluently yet but how hard can it be? I don’t have a proper job yet either but the streets are paved with gold right? Who needs a job when there’s all that or to steal (please hit me at for freelance writing work, words literally fall out of me… well, figuratively, if you’re a pedant.)

So,in summary, I may appear like a hapless rosbif who has no idea what he’s doing, but it’s all part of a brilliant plan that’s so secret that not even I know what’s involved or what will happen. Not a clue. J’ai l’air d’un idiote, mais peut-être que je suis un génie! Go on, go to Google translate if you’re struggling. I know I did.

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