“Garçon, il y’a un mouche dans ma soupe”

I love living in France, but I wasn’t expecting UB40 to come back into my life in such a big way. On the radio, in the supermarket… People who claim the 1960’s were boom time for exporting music internationally are either mistaken or deluded, it was the 80’s when Britannia truly ruled the ‘waves. English singers could do no wrong, all they had to do was keep their homosexuality under wraps, and when you consider the success of acts like Wham! and Culture Club they didn’t have to be too discrete about it. What are you talking about, there’s nothing gay about dancing in tight pink shorts or donning hair extensions and bicycle shorts, this is the 80’s motherfucker.

I’ve not had time to miss London yet. I’m about to run out of HP Sauce though so that could all change. Strangely I’ve actually bumped into three people I know already, which is something that didn’t happen in London for a long time after moving there. First Simon who I used to work with out and about walking near the river, then Jeff who plays bass with Dominique A lurking near my house, and then Bobby at  the Heavenly night at La Maroquinerie in Ménilmontant on Saturday. It’s like hitting the ground running, though I should add that none of these people are French. I have some French friends, though I haven’t  alerted them that I’m here just yet. Now I’m a resident I should probably think about trying to speak to them in French as they were always so accommodating when I was visiting, though they might get a bit frustrated after a few minutes when they realise the only thing I can do is alert a waiter to the fact there’s a fly in soup.


Spring is in the air.  I’ve been out to gigs every other night and as it’s all quite new to me I have to say I’m enjoying myself – and the clement weather is a part of that. People keep telling me ‘Spring is the best time to be in Paris’, and then they go all misty-eyed and weepy and they say the word ‘Printemps’ in a sentimental way. Nobody has yet said WHY it’s the best time to be in Paris. Next time maybe I will ask. POURQUOI? Until then it JUST IS (I love a bit of Justice). Tell you what, I’ll let you know whether it’s true or not this time next year. See you back here for that little update, right? It’s a date.

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