Mark Everett tête-à-tête

Here’s something slightly different. Eels are in town tomorrow, and I’m damn well going to watch them, at La Trianon of all places. That would probably count as my favourite venue in Paris if it didn’t normally have so many people in it. I’d like to watch gigs there on my own or with friends, sat in huge thrones being fed halloumi cheese, spinach and fizzy pop. But you can’t have everything right?
Anyway, I interviewed Mark Everett of Eels not so long ago about new album Wonderful, Glorious, and here is the conversation recorded for Belgian radio station RADIO RECTANGLE.

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3 Responses to Mark Everett tête-à-tête

  1. loudprincess says:

    OK, I’m going to ask you a possibly stupid question, oh Music Master…Have you ever listened to a group called CocoRosie? I ask this because they seem to be better known in Europe, and France in particular. They’re odd, but I appreciate how different they are from just about anything here in the US. If they play near you, will you please go see them for me?

    • jeres says:

      Ahhh not a fan of CocoRosie I’m afraid. Sowwy. I tried as they sounded kinda up my street, but to mine ears it all sounds a bit aimless and twee and occasionally obtuse. I may not be listening hard enough but it wasn’t a perfect fit, put it that way

      • loudprincess says:

        Perfectly understandable. They’re not for everyone, for sure. I like storytellers, which is what first drew me into Tom Waits’ works. Though they’re very dissimilar, both have very dark twinges – nice change from the sugary shit I’m forced to listen to every week at the club.

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