The lazy boulanger

This morning I managed to alert the woman in the lazy boulanger to the fact she’d short changed me. I stood my ground and got my money back. She didn’t mean any harm, she was just being lazy (they close 5pm every night and all weekend, and on bank holidays also). Whenever I walk past there when its shut – which it seems to be half the time – I like to sing ‘the lazy boulanger’ to the tune of Morrissey’s ‘The Lazy Sunbathers’. I thought I’d just share that little ritual with you.

And yesterday I made the owner of our local épicerie aware of the fact that I understand what he’s saying when he calls my girlfriend his “copine”. He doesn’t mean any harm, he’s just a cheeky shit.

It’s nice to be in Paris this morning. It’s occasionally sunny and only hinting at the warmth we should be experiencing right now, but I’m awake and in the mood to take no prisoners. I’m like that hard Taiwanese guy in Only God Forgives that we went to see yesterday. What a violent film! It’s an awesome, noirish revenge thriller, and rather excitingly it alerted me to the fact Alejandro Jodorowsky is active making films again. I saw his name in the credits at first and thought he’d directed it (I try and see films these days without reading anything about them first), though hunting frantically on the internet it seems to have been dedicated to him and he was involved in some supervisory capacity? I said the hunt was frantic, not thorough. But it seems the preternaturally gifted Chilean-born Paris-dwelling madman has a new movie on the way called The Dance Of Reality, his first since 1989 or something (he’s lazier than that boulangerie). Whether it’ll be any good or not is almost irrelevant.


You may have noticed Paris Natch has taken a bit of a break recently as I went to Reykjavik and then to Venice. I would write about them but I’m writing about them elsewhere and this blog is ostensibly about Paris. My last blog was quite bad tempered about French customer service, and I noticed that it was ever worse in Italy, so I apologise unreservedly to the people of France working in the tertiary sector.

This rather jumbled blog really only serves the purpose of letting you know I’m still alive and updating the blog despite not having anything particularly interesting to say, and that I’ll be back with something more interesting in the week presuming something interesting happens. Posts of this nature are normally the kiss of death, but I’ll try not to flounder and seek out something fun to share. If not then I’ll write a poem about coffee or something. No lazy bullshit here.

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4 Responses to The lazy boulanger

  1. ja says:

    I know British people are petrified of pointing to what they do professionally lest it be seen as marketing. Yet that most hideous invention of Americans does (self) serve a valuable purpose and preempts such questions as “When he’s not lying in parks attempting to get burned by the sun, I wonder what Jeremy’s written lately?”

    I, for one, would welcome regular link bait to your paid-by-the-word ramblings. Provided you’re not too busy getting a shiatsu at 36,000 feet of course.

    • jeres says:

      Hold up – I’ve got these replies the wrong way around. What did you just call my girlfriend? Get with the program ya friggin’ limey. Are you well by the way? We should Skype

  2. ja says:

    Additionally, I was curious as to why the waiter referred to your missis as a calcium-dependant membrane protein and had to go and look it up (thanks, Google translate!). A nice reminder of why I got along with Mr. Rashleigh more than Mr. Cooper at school.

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