Quelque chose pour le week-end

The sun is shining and the relief is palpable. People are smiling as they smoke (Christ I’d kill for a cigarette, even over six months in). We’ve just been for a wander around Pere Lachaise cemetery, which ironically makes one feel alive in this sunshine! Unlucky dead people, thanks for doing great stuff though so we can come look at your mortal monuments.

I’ve actually been quite busy lately writing, and here I suppose, is a compendium of things I’ve written that have recently gone live. It’s like one of those crap end of series montages where they show you clips you’ve already seen. Not that you’ve necessarily seen all of these pieces… not unless you’re cyber-stalking me. In which case you’re doing a shit job, because I haven’t noticed.


I went see see Thurston Moore do an experimental night of poetry and guitar the other night with the likes of Anne-James Chaton. You can read about it if you fancy.

Lionel Richie’s Head is going to appear at Bestival this year. I wrote about it for The Guardian.

I did a piece with Lou Doillon seemingly ages ago for The Quietus. Here it is, finally. I also went and saw Savages and Lescop the other night at la Maroquinerie which was beyond magnificent. My review of the Lescop debut album is here also.

Here’s my review of The Reykjavik Music Mess in Iceland.

And on Monday I wrote a piece for NME about musicians who could play Doctor Who. I doubt any of them will get the part if I’m honest.

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