La fête du cinéma

You might have noticed there are a fair few fêtes going on at the minute – a fête is a celebration or festival – and la fête du cinéma is especially smashing as it means poor people like me can go to any picture house across France for the next four days and watch films for not very much money. Even rich people can go to the cinema for not very much money, though they’ll probably buy their fizzy pop and snacks dans le cinéma and not sneak them in in their back pocket like I do. I’m just disappointed Subway don’t do those £1.50 nachos over here. €3.50 is in fact all they’re asking for one stubby thing that gives you entrance to the magical world of the silver screen, which is jolly neighbourly spirited if you ask me.

Prices haven’t necessarily kept me away, but I’m planning to get a few more movies in before I fly off to Denmark on Wednesday for Roskilde. We’re thinking Ken Loach’s The Spirit of ’45 (although I did see it the other night on Film4 though Claire fell asleep – she has fillum narcolespy when watching telly, see), and Frances Ha starring the always excellent indie actress Greta Gerwig (Greta Gerwig should always come with an epithet that includes the words  always, excellent and indie if you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about) and maybe The Bling Ring, but I suspect it’s shit. We might even try something French – my last lesson went well and I’m feeling adventurous.

We went to Quadrophenia yesterday, and that was smashing to see on the big screen for the first time. I must have watched it hundreds of times with my brother but the last time was about 20 years ago. It’s interesting that I used to think Jimmy was the epitome of cool, whereas now I reckon he’s a bit of an immature nitwit. So in the space of two decades I’ve gone from being Toyah to being Michael Elfick. I’m not sure whether this is a good thing or not.


Last week we caught the Michael Winterbottom biopic The Look Of Love with Steve Coogan playing porn impresario Paul Raymond. It’s actually called A Very Englishman over here. Hey French people, that’s not actually proper English at all (you can pay me for consultation next time if you like), and thanks for enforcing the stereotype that all English people operate with a veneer of respectability but are all depraved sexual perverts underneath it all. I quite enjoyed this film, though not for the reasons I was expecting. It wasn’t particularly funny for starters, but it was an engrossing romp. There was also so much tits and arse that I felt slightly grubby when I left the theatre.

Oh yeah, and I watched Bridesmaids on DVD the other night! Shame on me for not watching it before, or shame on the idiots who marketed it. I’ve been so disenfranchised with Hollywood “comedy” of late – and thought maybe it was just me – but no, that movie confirmed to me that there are still films being made in America that are laugh out loud funny, they’re just few and far between. Most hilarious flick I’ve seen in five years, chick or otherwise.

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