Quelque chose pour le week-end II

Warning: This is all going to sound rather self-important, but it’s my blog, so of course it’s self-important.

Things have been going well of late and I’ve been busy and I’m not yet starving, so naturally the blog has suffered. I’ve been to Belgium and the Loire Valley on jaunts, and I’ve made exceedingly fleeting appearances on France24 and Phantom FM. Phew-y! It’s all go etc. Naturally I’ve had no time to relay any of this via my website, but here are a couple of articles for your delectation just in case you missed me, one about Suede and the art of handling a reunion for the Guardian website, and one about the terrifying reality of interviewing Lou Reed for Noisey. There’s a bit about France24 in the latter.

I trust you’ve been keeping well. More soon with a bit of luck, or not, depending on how you look at it.

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One Response to Quelque chose pour le week-end II

  1. Je suis entièгement d’accord acec toi

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