Quelque chose pour le week-end 3

I moved to Paris one year ago today. To celebrate, here is one in an occasional series of pieces where I publish things I wrote recently for various publications, for no other reason than the fact I can’t be arsed to write an actual blog. Really, if I do this again, then I’ve got to change that name next time. We have no real plans to celebrate this one year anniversary, but by a happy coincidence we’re off to watch Savages at La Gaîté Lyrique this evening thanks to the nice people at gigsinparis.com, which should be awesome (Savages usually are).

So articles wise, the first piece is one for The Guardian Music about scenes that never made it such as Romo, Schroomadelica and Skunk Rock. This was part of a series of blogs that had been suggested by readers on the message board.

Secondly, I wrote a piece for The Quietus about the The Seven Ages of the World Cup and how the changing format of the song over the years has reflected the sociopolitical goings on in the country at large.
Thirdly, I did one for the NME about indie bands with perfumes, which was a bit of an eyeopener to be honest. And also a bit of a laugh.

And then another one for NME about batshit crazy conspiracy theories in pop, which was fun to write (and hopefully fun to read).

Oh, and last week I wrote an obituary type piece about Tony Benn and how he never lost touch with youth.
Ps: I think I just passed a TEFL module. I was expecting an hour and a half exam but I whipped through it in 10 minutes and scored 76/100. I think this is good, but I’m concerned I’ve missed something or got something wrong. This isn’t a humble brag, I’m honestly a bit confused by it, but there doesn’t seem to be any info on the forums other than vainglorious twats going on about why teaching is the thing for them. Anyway, onward I guess.

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