Draw your own conclusions

Paris goes on as normal, though clearly the events of Wednesday will be difficult to forget. I know I write a blog about living in Paris and should therefore say something here, but I feel like I said everything I wanted to say about this week’s fatal fusillade in an article I wrote for the Quietus yesterday. Here’s a link to that article.
Just to add that I’ve heard a lot of people complain that reducing the murder of twelve men to a neat hashtag, or by repeating the phrase ‘je suis Charlie’, one is trivialising or oversimplifying the tragedy. I don’t agree. I feel it’s a simple phrase that elicits sentiments of solidarity, and it was moving on Wednesday to witness a groundswell of unity turn into a movement. It’s a very modern phenomena and I can understand why some people feel uneasy with it. Each to their own. Personally as a journalist based in Paris, it resonated with me straight away. I can’t speak for anybody else. I was also accused of standing up for racists by not mentioning some of the publications cartoons in the article that I’d not previously seen, but I can’t find the energy to even dignify that with a response. Although that is a response in a way.

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One Response to Draw your own conclusions

  1. Beachbums1 says:

    Agree with you. #jesuischarlie consolidates the feeling of solidarity for those who defend free speech.

    I personally find the cartoons very offensive and wouldn’t have seen ANY of them had it not been for the events of this week. BUT as an American, Freedom of Speech is infused in my blood and, even though there’s a lot of speech I’d rather not hear or deal with, think Westboro Baptist Church protests at Fallen Soldier funerals, I defend their right to do so.

    In addition, I find the #notinmyname hash tag a very positive one as well.

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