Catch up

I’ve been rather neglecting this blog for a while, which is a shame as we’ve been up to all sorts of lovely stuff, but I’ve been engaged time wise in something else that will hopefully launch soon. There are all these things I’d like to write about, the Picasso museum, the Klimt exhibition, the Palais Garnier, Argentine jazz at La Grotte, trying to sing Karaoke in French and failing abysmally, last but not least picking up our PACS certificate… but as the time slides away it feels fraudulent to write about it unless it’s for a memoir or money; it’s like those swine who upload their histories to Instagram when it’s not even a Thursday.

Anyway, while I try to unravel the imbroglio in my head that probably nobody else cares about, here are some articles from the recent past:

We went to see Baxter Dury last night at l’Olympia, which was smashing. Here’s a piece I did with him for The Quietus at the end of last year.

Here’s another piece for for the Quietus, a live report from the Fat White Family’s show in Paris last month.

And here’s one more for the Quietus while we’re about it, where I try to discover why Seven Nation Army crossed over into sport and became the most ubiquitous riff of the 21st Century. Some really interesting interviews in that one.

Here’s a Roxy Music: 10 of the best I did for the Guardian which went up yesterday.

And another 10 of the best for the Guardian about Damon Albarn, which was pitched after of the news there would be more Gorillaz, and before the announcement there would be more Blur.

More blogs soon…

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