An announcement: Bad News From The Stars: The Life and Music of Serge Gainsbourg

Hi, I’m just breaking my silence on this blog to announce that I am now crowdsourcing a biography about the French chanteur, bon vivant and provocateur Serge Gainsbourg with the fine publishing house Unbound. This is a project very dear to me and securing the funding has become something of an addictive preoccupation already and I’m only 24 hours in.

Please back this project at the dedicated Unbound website and help me to stop sounding like Bob Geldof. Nobody’s starving to be fair, especially me if you watch the video.

The book is to be called Bad News From The Stars: The Life and Music of Serge Gainsbourg and will be arriving in all good bookshops and in your letterbox in deluxe limited edition form with your name in it, just as soon as we reach the target and I finish writing the bugger.

There are some premium pledges to peruse also that I don’t expect anyone to touch, but you never know, there are some bizarre people out there with more cash than taste. Pledge now and save me the indignity of turning up in your inbox like a squeegee man. You have been warned.setJ

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