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Having lived in London for 15 years and having got bored of London, I have decided to hop across the water and live in Paris. It’s not as depressing there and there’s usually a summer. Other factors to consider: I love Paris and my girlfriend lives there. I love her too. Anything else? Oh yeah, a socialist government.

At our unfurnished Paris flat

At our unfurnished Paris flat

I don’t speak French fluently yet but how hard can it be? I don’t have a job yet but the streets are paved with gold right? Who needs a job when there’s all that d’or to steal (please hit me at jeremy@jeremyallen.com for freelance writing work, words literally fall out of me. Well, figuratively if you’re feeling pedantic.)

So, to sum up, I may appear like a hapless rosbif who has no idea what he’s doing but it’s all part of a brilliant plan that’s so secret that not even I know what’s involved or what’s going to happen. Not a clue. J’ai l’air d’un idiote, mais peut-être que je suis un génie! Go on, go to Google translate if you’re struggling.

Life eh?


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  1. Paul Giddings says:

    Well well well. Who’d have thought that trawling the web for reviews for Lulu would lead me here. The internet is truly an amazing thing. And who would have thought that two Penzance boys who once had an unseemly scuffle in the Benbow, who use to listen to Led Zep 4 together and earnestly dissect its brilliance would both end up making a living out of words. We are at other ends of the spectrum though, I mark/edit/shred, you produce – very well too from an English teacher’s perspective. The only other thing we might have in common is living in France, near the Swiss border in my case (international school teaching appealed after 4 years in Leeds). Just thought I’d say hi, hope you enjoyed the Loire.

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